About Us


Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence in Textiles & Wallcoverings.

Established in 1983 by Gerard Cremins and Louis Moiselle, Cremins Moiselle is a family based business that have earned the reputation of being Ireland’s premier supplier of high-end fabrics, wallcoverings and carpets to professionals, specifiers and interior designers. Each Cremins Moiselle collection represents the perfect union of aesthetic and quality, hand-selected to meet the requirements of our clients who value superior quality and sophisticated taste.

Timeless Beauty

The collections tell their own story from the traditional to the contemporary each represents the culmination of a voyage of discovery through texture, colour and pattern.

They all speak with distinct voices – they speak of opulence or of serenity, of instant allure or of subtle charm, of luscious silks or of cool linen. These voices become an extension of your  own and share the vision of  personality for your space.

Our reputation for offering excellent design and products of outstanding beauty are showcased in our showroom in Bray Co.Wicklow, a veritable treasure trove of textiles, trimmings, pattern books and colour charts – a constant source of inspiration.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of Cremins Moiselle is a passion – a passion for relationships. The relationship we have with our fabrics, the relationship we have with our clients and the relationship our clients develop with the quality, design and dependability that we offer.

A family-based company, Cremins Moiselle was founded on the premise of bringing the highest standards of fabric to the discerning client with whom we shape aesthetic enviroments. Our passion lies in sourcing the highest quality materials, the most inspirational textures, colours and patterns and presenting them to you with the total conviction of unsurpassable timeless elegance. We work with you to bring out the character of the spaces we create – spaces that speak with personality and emotion.

We carry our passion through the relationship we forge with you – the service we offer, the range we offer and a level of sensory satisfaction that will surpass your highest expectations.

We know you feel passionately about your choices. Share in our passion and together we will create something beautiful.

Our History

Founded by Gerard Cremins and Louis Moiselle, Cremins Moiselle is launched as a retailer of fabrics in Dublin, Ireland.
Cremins Moiselle distributes its first collections of fabric brands to the trade.
In April and September, Cremins Moiselle launches the first of its design events in Dublin.
The company presents its first Spring Road Shows to launch its new collection, a tradition that has continued every year since.
The fabric brand Cremins Moiselle is launched.
Christian Fischbacher delivers his first of a series of design presentations in Ireland at the Cremins Moiselle showroom.
To mark the company’s 21st anniversary, Cremins Moiselle moves to a custom-designed building in Bray, Co. Wicklow which becomes the national showroom as well as being the administrative and logistics base.
Cremins Moiselle is presented with the coveted Robert Allen Distributor Showroom of the Year Award 2006 at the Robert Allen group sales conference in New York.
Cremins Moiselle presents the groundbreaking “Tell the Story, Share the vision, Create something beautiful” design show, to the acclaim of the many interior designers and specifiers who attend.
Christian Fischbacher gives special address to an invited audience to celebrate 25 years of Cremins Moiselle.
Cremins Moiselle presents Jacaranda.
Cremins Moiselle launches Fabricut in Ireland.
David Finer, CEO of Fabricut, is the keynote speaker at a special event to mark 30 years of Cremins Moiselle.
Cremins Moiselle awarded Fabricut Partner of the year 2013/2014 and begins its collaboration with York Wallcovering.
Cremins Moiselle Launches 1838 Wallcoverings.
Clarence House and Aldeco are presented at our Spring Roadshow.
AUTUMN. The following brands, BEAUMONT, SKETCH 23, JOVER and SANDBERG formerly distributed by the respected Irish company DEKOR DISTRIBUTION became part of our stable of brands
KA international is presented at our 25th.Annual Roadshow.
January, ARMANI/CASA exclusive wallcovering ,MISSONI HOME wallcoverings and JV wallcoverings Are the new additions to our stable of brands.
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