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Jacaranda Carpets and Rugs believe that their carpets are genuinely interesting because of their textures. They admire the slight quirkiness and irregularity that can only be handmade. From Jacaranda Carpet’s chunky boucles and bold stripes, to their smooth, dense, luxurious heavy velvet, Jacaranda carpets and rugs are warm, textural and tactile – but never boring.

The company was founded in 2003 thanks to a carpet sample, and in a short time manages to establish itself on the international scene for the quality of its creations. At the top are the Meagers who have been working for over fifteen years to offer hand-made products, unique in their kind, mainly made in Nepal. The brand name comes from the trees that line the streets of New Delhi, where Richard Meager went in 2003 to secure the first fabric samples. The Jacaranda catalog features rugs and carpets made using two artisanal techniques, knotting and tufting: the first sees Tibetan weavers making knots manually on metal rods, with local or New Zealand wool and Chinese silk; the second, on the other hand, also uses materials such as Tencel and is highly resistant and performative. All Jacaranda products have Prodi and Ecs certifications and adhere to the highest quality standards.


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